SAZONOVSTUDIO is a creative Studio creating exciting shows and incredible events. The Studio is known for its large-scale shows as annual multimedia shows for Moscow International Light Festivals 2011-2014, Scarlet Sails Water Show for St.Petersburg School Graduates Festival, St. Petersburg, 2013 and 2014, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the International Army Games 2015-2016, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games 2017, stadium shows, big corporate and business events,  and other significant events.

2014 - Sazonovstudio became the winner of the Event of the Year Russian event industry professional award in Ceremony of the Year category.

2015  - Sazonovstudio show was shortlisted in the Public Event category for the EUBEA Festival – the main European competition in the event industry.

2017 - Sazonovstudio's show was shortlisted in the Opening, Celebration, Festivity Event category for the BEA WORLD Festival.

2018 - Sazonovstudio becomes a finalist in the Best Opening Event category of BEMA - BEST EXPERIENCE MARKETING AWARDS FESTIVAL

We are proud to have designed and implemented everything in our projects, from initial rough drafts to the finishing touches on the set, on our own. We have put our heart and soul into each of these projects, working professionally and at our full potential.

A creative approach to every artistic task, a thorough elaboration of the creative concept, the use of the latest advances in stage technology and techniques, and strict quality control at every step of project implementation allow us to come up with a unique product in high demand on the Russian and international markets.

In each of our shows, we do our best to reach the highest level of emotional intensity and encourage our spectators to experience the excitement that will remain in their hearts forever


Maria Nikolaeva

Project Manager

Ivan Semenov

Video Designer

Ekaterina Medvedeva

PR Director

Nina Belousova

Casting Director

Nikita Sadovnikov


Olga Evstigneeva


Vasily Sazonov

Artistic Director

Darya Bogomolova

Commercial Director

Ekaterina Miller


Inna Ustinovich


Larisa Smirnova


Anastasia Lykova

Chief Artist