The 25th Anniversary of ILIM Group

The 25th Anniversary of ILIM Group Special events / 2017

Date: June 3, 2017

Place: Mikhailovsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia

Organizers: ILIM Group

The magnificent auditorium of Mikhailovsky Theatre hosted the 25th Anniversary of the largest Russian company of paper and paperboard industry. The celebratory event was attended by V.I.P. guests such as ministers of the Russian Government, top regional leaders, business elite of Russia and foreign partners.

Our STUDIO faced a challenge to create a “non-posh”, homely and cosy event keeping at the same time a certain air of solemnity. We decided to introduce a daring solution: a huge tree “has grown” in the centre of the auditorium, which “crown” was composed of pull down screens instead of leaves.

The “tree-image” has created a warm festive atmosphere gathering everybody sitting underneath in one family. The video projections sent both on the “tree crown” and boxes in the auditorium were naturally complemented by artistic plastic performances, which corresponded to each of five “chapters” or parts of the ceremony.

The podium under the tree became an additional stage for artists' and speakers' performances, proposing a wonderful sweep of vision for every spectator and involving every guest in the activities of the celebration.

The arch opening into theatre yard as well as the Welcome zone were decorated according to the style of the event.

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