ZARKANA AFTER PARTY for Cirque du Soleil ZARKANA Premiere

ZARKANA AFTER PARTY for Cirque du Soleil ZARKANA Premiere Special events / 2012

Date: February 4, 2012

Place: Kremlin Palace, Moscow, Russia

Organizers: Cirque du Soleil Rus

The party marking the premiere of Zarkana show in Russia allowed the guests to extend the pleasure from Cirque du Soleil show thanks to precise stylistic parallel of the amazing atmosphere of the after party with the feeling of magic that accompanies all the shows of this world-renowned circus troupe. All the guests found themselves behind the scenes of the show, in the world of miracles and mysterious objects hidden in magician’s boxes and containers for stage props and costumes.  An intricate acoustic zoning system helped us produce an even stronger impression on the audience: there were different soundtracks in each of the five main zones that created the general sound palette.

zarkana_1.jpg zarkana_2.jpg zarkana_3.jpg zarkana_4.jpg zarkana_5.jpg zarkana_6.jpg zarkana_7.jpg zarkana_8.jpg zarkana_9.jpg zarkana_10.jpg zarkana_12.jpg zarkana_11.jpg