The 19th Anniversary of Siberian Health International Corporation

The 19th Anniversary of Siberian Health International Corporation Stadium shows / 2015

Date: October 4, 2015

Place: SIBUR ARENA Sports and Concert Complex, St. Petersburg, Russia

Organizers: Siberian Health International Corporation

This project was a real challenge to our studio. We had to combine in a single project the semantic and motivational components of Siberian Health policy with a bright and emotional show. Special for this five-hour program, we designed and staged intricate acts with participation of dozens of dancers, gymnasts and acrobats, with synchronized video content, complex stage properties, spectacular background sets and original costumes. A massive video screen supplemented with projection side-scenes with relief surfaces created the effect of emotional immersion into the action on the stage. Some opera and pop stars participated in the program. Due to immaculate logistics of spectator flows, numerous eye-catching awarding ceremonies went well and grandly, as always. Around 5,000 spectators, including representatives of 25 countries from all over the world, spoke highly of the quality of the show and the overall level of event organization.

sz_2015_sibur1.jpg sz_2015_sibur3.jpg sz_2015_sibur2.jpg sz_2015_sibur5.jpg sz_2015_sibur4.jpg sz_2015_sibur6.jpg sz_2015_sibur7.jpg sz_2015_sibur8.jpg sz_2015_sibur9.jpg sz_2015_sibur10.jpg sz_2015_sibur11.jpg sz_2015_sibur12.jpg